I don’t have back up co-workers until 10. So I’m basically on my own at special services. Woo, this is excellent!

lol who the fuck writes anon messages to themselves. i added stat counter i'm gonna find out who xD

Who the fuck still replies to anon asks????




They’re much older yet they looked cooler

Dude, Triple H looks like a douche in the picture on the left. That is not a flattering photo of him.

Lol it added to his persona. I hated HHH with a passion as a kid. He was an amazing heel. Everything about him was just grimy, onstage and backstage.

Well I know that, but I’m saying that that picture shows nothing of him.

He doesn’t look like “powerful douche that kicks ass and takes names”, he looks like “high school bully all grown up”.

This is a better picture of what I liked about him being a heel.


Maybe its the facial hair?

I feel bad that I bought Guild Wars 2 and now barely play it. It’s an MMO that I bought into, but don’t play it much because I just haven’t gotten around to downloading the 20gb+ file (15gb base + patches I havent downloaded since the base patch) and playing.

But more so because this is something that happens a lot with video games. I don’t feel bad about a lot of the games I play, but that kind of buyers remorse that I’m not using it is kind of gaining on me. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate 2014 and 2015 to playing vidya on stream and crunching my Steam games list.

Beat it again, woop woop. Time to move to advanced edition for stream!

Beat it again, woop woop. Time to move to advanced edition for stream!